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DA valve won the bid for Water Transfer Project

The water diversion from Chuo to Liaoning project is one of the 172 major water conservancy projects for water conservation and water supply implemented during the 13th Five Year Plan period determined by the State Council, and one of the 15 projects determined by the state to be started in 2017. It is highly valued by the Party committee and government of the autonomous region. It is the No. 1 water conservancy project in the autonomous region, with a total investment of 25.216 billion yuan.

The project is to alleviate the serious water shortage in the Xiliao River Basin of Inner Mongolia, provide water resources guarantee for the implementation of the “water coal combination” strategy in eastern Mongolia, promote the optimal allocation of regional water resources and the sustainable development of local economy and society, and divert appropriate water from the chuoer River to supply water to the Xiliao River Basin of Inner Mongolia and the cities and towns along the line.

Our company won the bid for the eccentric hemispherical valve this time. Our eccentric hemispherical valve is recognized by customers for its leading product performance and technology. At the same time, it marks the milestone performance of the company in the field of water conservancy and water transfer.

Da valve never forgets its original intention, always adheres to the leading of technology and products, constantly explores the cutting-edge of technology, takes customers as the center, always adheres to putting good products first, and constantly strives to be ahead of the industry.


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