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Bladder Surge Tanks-Surge(Water Hammer) Protection System

The bladder surge tank provides full system protection from both positive and negative pressure surges. The bladder in the tank creates a full separation between the air and the liquid; enabling the tank to operate longer and with no required maintenance.
ISO9001/14001/45001/CE Approved / WRAS & ACS Approved / Australian Watermark/BV type approval certificate

The working principle of bladder pressure tank

STEP - 1

Based on the data analysis, the pre-charge pressure of Bladder Surge Tanks is calculated. At this time, there is no water in the airbag of the water hammer protector.

STEP - 2

After opening the valve, water will enter the air bag of the Bladder Surge Tanks under the action of the pipeline pressure and start to compress the air between the bag and the tank.

STEP - 3

Water entering the bladder will gradually compress the pre-charged gas until there is an equilibrium between the pressure of the bladder pressure tank and the pressure of the pipe.

STEP - 4

Once the water pump stops working, the pressure in the pipeline will drop immediately, and the bladder pressure tank will use its own pressure to discharge the water into the pipeline, thus effectively preventing the negative pressure of the pipeline.

STEP - 5

As the pressure can get very low, the water flow will reverse and will enter the bladder pressure tank through the bypass valve, and may oscillate a few times before reaching static.

STEP - 6

When the pump is restarted, the bladder pressure tank will continue to store water until the pressure balance is reached, and then prepare for the next start and stop of the pump again.

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ISO9001/14001/45001/CE Approved / WRAS & ACS Approved / Australian Watermark/BV type approval certificate

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