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Successful model test of Da valve piston valve

The piston valve model test of a project in Baise participated by Da valve was a complete success in Changsha, Hunan. The owner’s representative, the general contractor’s representative, the representative of the Design Institute, the professor of Hunan University, the professor of Hunan Agricultural University and the professor of Changsha University of technology witnessed this historical moment.

The product specification of this piston valve model test is DN300 PN16. The test contents include maximum flow test, flow coefficient test, flow regulation characteristic test, valve pressure opening flow relationship curve test, cavitation characteristics, vibration characteristics and other test indicators. Through on-site test, all indicators of our products meet the requirements, have excellent performance and successfully pass the acceptance.

The success of this test is a milestone for Da valve and provides valuable experience and data for the company’s subsequent product development. Leading technology and products is the direction and goal of Da valve. We always adhere to putting good products first and make continuous efforts to be a leader in the industry.


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