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Top 5 valve manufacturers in china ,have three valve production bases, 1500 employees, specializing in the production and OEM of ductile iron and Brass Gate Valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, air valves, control valves and filters… Our engineering cases are all over the world, specializing in solving the application of water supply and drainage valves and pipe operation to eliminate water hammer.

Provide safe and energy-saving valve and system solutions

Solution application areas

Water Conservancy

Gate valve, butterfly valve, control valve, eccentric valve, plug valve

Water Diversion

Gate valve, butterfly valve, control valve, pipe joint, air valve……

Municipal Engineering

Backflow prevention valve, check valve, pressure reducing valve…..

Building HVAC

Brass valves, control valves, check valves, gate valves, filters……

What service can DA valve provide you?

Our ductile iron valves and brass valves are made of non-toxic and harmless environmental protection materials for the safety of water from rivers to families.

Intelligent control of pipe network pressure can reduce physical leakage and reduce the difference between production and sales of pipe network by configuring intelligent pressure reducing valve.Promotion of staggered peak water supply technology (hydraulic double level control technology, electromagnetic hydraulic double level control technology)

Energy saving and consumption reduction – energy saving transformation of check valve at the outlet of pump station and energy saving transformation of pump station system (water pump unit, system control mode, etc. to improve system operation efficiency)

Balance the pipe network pressure, optimize the water distribution, stagger peak regulation and storage, and ensure the normal operation of the urban water pipe network.

In addition to providing the transformation scheme of secondary water supply system, it can also undertake the transformation project of secondary water supply pump house.

Application of intelligent valve in water pressure control and regulation and water dispatching; On line performance monitoring and abnormal alarm system of multi-function valve

Our Project

Our engineering cases are all over the world to create high-quality and low-cost valve application solutions.

Our customers

Our R & D service team

Get help from our technicians

The company has 80 engineers and technicians and 35 technicians specializing in new product development, including 15 senior engineers and 20 engineers. The company has strong strength in product design and development……

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