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Bladder Type Surge Vessel

We all konw air valve is one important exhaust valve in the long big piping transport, which is normally mounted on the top of the pipe or pipe air holding place to release the air in the pipe, making sure the pipe work normally. Bladder Type Surge Vessel is also a kind of quipment for protecting the safe of pipe and it plays important roles in the pump staion.

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Ductile iron









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1, water filling air pressure tank for water gas separation type pressure tank, water is stored in rubber coagulation, do not contact with the tank, and the tank inside and outside spraying ring chlorine resin anti-corrosion coating, corrosion resistance is good, the tank will not rust;  

2, flexible bag in line with the requirements of drinking water imported rubber, will not pollute the medium;  

3, the gas is sealed between the sac and the blue body, will not leak, do not need to inflate frequently, so do not need to air compressor, simple to use;  

4, safe and reliable, effectively protect the water pipeline.  When the pipeline pressure drops, add pressure to the pipeline to prevent negative pressure;  When the water tank is generated, the flexible capsule quickly absorbs the high-pressure water in the pipeline to avoid the generation of destructive water hammer;  

5, simple structure, high reliability, no daily maintenance;  The starting structure simplifies the control mode without external electric control equipment;  

6, replace the pressure regulating tower, save the construction cost and occupation cost;  

7, the detection method is simple, low cost, only soapy water can detect the sealing of the pressure tank;  

8, long service life: the flexible hide adopts imported rubber, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, long service life, the tank can be used for life. 


· Body: Q345R
· Bladder: Polyurethane
· Internally and externally epoxy coated

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