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Plunger Valve

The hydraulic pressure regulating and flow regulating valve produced by our company is of piston type structure. The regulating mechanism of piston type control valve should be crank slider mechanism, and the closing slider is cylinder or conical piston.  The valve body cylinder can be guided by the guide rail along the center of the pipeline axial movement, thus changing the flow area, in order to achieve flow regulation and decompression function.  The connection form with the pipeline is flange connection, and the flange connection size and structure length meet the requirements of GB.  Piston type control valve is composed of valve body, piston, crank, connecting rod, energy dissipation device, valve stem, sleeve, seat, sealing ring and other main components. 

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1 piston valve regulating mechanism for slider-crank mechanism, close a slider for cylindrical piston, can be in the body of cylinder by guide along the pipeline center axial movement, thus change the circulation area, in order to realize the control function, sealing of metal/nonmetal sealing, and the connection form of pipeline is a flange connection, flange connection size according to the national standards.  

2 Piston valve is composed of valve body, outlet valve body, piston, crank, connecting rod, squirrel cage, guide rail, valve stem, shaft sleeve, seat, sealing ring and other main components, through the valve stem rotation drive crank connecting rod mechanism drive device to realize the opening and closing of the valve, play a role in regulating control.  

The piston valve can effectively solve the occurrence of cavitation damage phenomenon.  According to the principle of centrifugal force, the bubble is confined in the center of the pipe, and the failure of the unstable bubble is not on the wall of the pipe and valve, so there is no cavitation damage.  

The connection of piston and transmission connecting rod is designed to prevent cavitation damage.  

When closing the valve, it has the function of fast closing first and slow closing later to solve the water hammer of closing the valve.  

Piston valve To ensure that the valve opening or closing process, seat and sealing ring without friction, to extend the service life of the valve.  

7 Piston valve sealing effect is good, with reliable sealing performance, valve sealing metal to metal seal form, a sealing surface on the sleeve, another sealing surface on the seat, the seat can be floating structure, in order to compensate processing or assembly error, so that the valve sealing effect is better.  Flow control valve in the full closed state, to ensure no leakage.  

8 piston valve structure is reasonable, high strength, flow channel should be streamlined smooth structure, water loss is small in operation, there should be no harmful vibration at high flow rate, shell test according to the national standard GB/T13927.  

9 Small opening and closing torque of piston valve.  Piston for the pressure balance structure, movement is not affected by any medium flow and pressure.  

Piston valve streamline axisymmetric flow channel design, can be linear adjustment.  

The internal throttle parts of the valve are made of austenitic stainless steel, and the sealing ring is made of nitrile rubber or EPDM rubber.  

12 The minimum wall thickness of the valve body is determined according to the relevant specifications and standards according to the materials selected to fully ensure the strength and stiffness requirements of the valve body, so that the valve body does not have any harmful deformation under the strength test and normal operating conditions.  

Flow control valve transmission parts can withstand 1.5 times the maximum torque transmitted by the load. 


· Body: Ductile iron EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG-40)
· Piston: Stainless steel 1.4462
· Stem: 2Cr13
· Bonnet bolts: Stainless steel A2 (DIN EN ISO 3506)
· Internally and externally epoxy coated

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